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Healthcare Media Europe is a pharmaceutical and medical communications agency focussed on activating the best advertising channels to enhance brand performance. At Healthcare Media Europe, we help you make lasting impressions that resonate and reach audiences during the moments that matter.

The influence of technology, coupled with the varied digital preferences of today’s healthcare professionals and patients, makes strategic thinking and performance-led digital planning more important than ever – and that’s exactly where we come in.

With a rich heritage and 30+ years of knowledge in healthcare and advertising, HME is perfectly positioned to assist your company in making informed channel choices to improve campaign performance.

Find out how HME can help your company enhance brand engagement, improve performance and reach your audience when and where it counts.


Long-established medical communications agency specialising in performance-led digital buying and planning. We deliver valued engagement and insights for our clients and their audiences.


Experts in the buying, management and delivery of clinical reprints and ePrints. HME supports multichannel solutions making content digitally and compliantly available across email, websites, at Congress and more.

We are HME: About Us

Healthcare Media Europe is an innovative, technology-enabled medical communications agency offering our clients thirty years of experience and know-how. Our expertise lies in activating advertising channels and delivering first-class media for the global healthcare industry.

  • As one of the top pharmaceutical and media buying agencies, HME partners with over 250 recognised medical and scientific publishers, societies, congress organisers and third-party technologies to offer the most innovative and comprehensive solutions for our clients.
  • We are HME: proudly providing media and content solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes including some of the world’s largest.


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Company Announcement

From 1st April 2022 Healthcare Media Europe (HME) will be known as Healthcare Media Europe (HME) Solutions, reflective of the company’s brand heritage but also capturing a new, fresh stage in the life of the company. 

Strengthening Patient Engagement

Oprah remarked in her 2013 address to Harvard University graduates that the single most important lesson she learned in 25 years talking to people every single day, was that there is a common denominator. After 35,000 interviews, as soon as the camera shut off, everyone inevitably asked, ‘was that ok?’

Media Messaging and Covid Vaccines

In early November 2020, Pfizer announced the results from a Phase III clinical trial of some 43,000 participants. The results suggested a vaccine efficacy rate of more than 90%. For the first time in what felt like a long while, Pfizer delivered reassurance; we will be OK.

Brand Positioning and the Shift to Digital

Covid has unsurprisingly had a disruptive impact on medical Congresses as well as face-to-face MSL and rep interactions. Yet alongside the challenges and restrictions such disruption brings, so too come opportunities and a drive to innovate.