Digital ePrints and the Environment

In going digital at key events clients can help the environment by significantly reducing printing, binding, storage and shipping of their key clinical papers. Improvements in technology and hardware are making pdfs more accessible and easier to read than ever before whether that be on tablets, e-readers or mobiles. In embracing this format clients can reduce their carbon footprint [...]

The Emergence of the Pop Up Doctor

Advances in technology have fuelled the ‘On Demand’ generation. App controlled services now at our fingertips include on demand TV (Netflix), on demand food (Deliveroo), on demand transport (Uber) and, more surprisingly perhaps, on demand doctors and medicine. In 2014, the then Prime Minister, David Cameron argued every patient should be able to get a GP appointment in their [...]

An update on Brexit

When talking about the ‘B’ word, it’s important to remember that Brexit is a negotiation and we as a country are part of what is very much an active negotiation. One of the remaining powerful cards that UK plc. has left to play is the ‘No Deal’ scenario – a somewhat perverse position that threatens potentially damaging consequences for [...]