The Digital Healthcare Agency

We are HME: The Digital Healthcare Agency

HME is an established digital healthcare agency experienced in enhancing brand and campaign performance for Pharma.

We use strategic thinking and performance-based planning to deliver valued engagement, positive brand momentum and improved campaign performance.

HME’s approach considers all relevant channels to help clients identify and then optimise the best mix of paid, owned, shared and earned assets available to them.

As a digital healthcare agency, we recognise the importance of not just what you say, but how you say it.

We help our clients have meaningful, finely tuned conversations with their target audiences.

With a keen eye on digital, HME looks closely at the platforms, devices and sources used by HCPs when gathering information, making buying decisions and collaborating with peers.

HME focuses on the influence of technology, particularly in relation to ‘digital first’ decision makers, when planning with clients.

In recognising and assessing high penetration opportunities and an audience’s digital preferences, we can empower our clients to insert the right message in the right place. Navigating a broad range of influence points can pose challenges and that is where HME is here to help.

The use of Search, peer to peer engagement, websites, email, health and lifestyle apps, online forums and online communities, by both HCP and patient audiences alike, highlights the increasing importance of an informed channel mix.

Evaluating the relevant channels of influence alongside the identification of key objectives, HME brings value to your campaigns with performance-led digital planning and an impactful, ever-evolving advertising strategy.

We are HME: leaders in digital healthcare

The agency experts in:

  • Activating advertising channels
  • Enhancing brand performance
  • Measuring performance and momentum


We help our clients to:

  • Resonate impactfully with their audiences
  • Improve campaign performance
  • Be discoverable & Go social