HME helps you deliver targeted, high impact disease awareness and patient focused campaigns across social media. Data and analytics are always at the heart of HME’s approach and this ensures the brands we work with adapt and evolve whilst staying fully compliant across the different channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Whilst there are challenges identified with this medium, such as handling AE traffic and adapting to character space limits, these are far from insurmountable and when used effectively with a clear focus on compliance, data and analytics, social media channels actually provide the best opportunities for our clients to create meaningful narratives for patients and HCPs.


The team at HME knows what works well and by better driving engagement through effective analysis of data, we can also help you to better decide what content needs to be produced and what its longevity will likely be.


HME is driven to helping clients positively build upon brand perceptions, sales and the sharing of accurate information. As well as leveraging HME’s planning and buying capabilities, our clients can rely on us to support:


  • The evolution of videos, community pages and corporate social profiles. 
  • The shaping and delivery of geo-based social media strategies and subsequent data rich insights.

HME recognises the value of not only building online communities but also creating meaningful narratives for these communities. Social media when implemented well is an integral component within compliant, high impact, and engagement driven media campaigns.

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Devneet Toor