Monday Blues, Blue Monday or Happy Mondays – Pick the right Perspective

It’s common enough to hear Mondays vilified by the masses as the worst day of the week. Weekend blues coupled with a long working week ahead of you and an inbox stuffed with unread, attention seeking emails support the theory. So naturally, the idea of ‘Blue Monday’ - a Monday deemed more terrible than all the rest - is [...]

How Social Media can be an Integral Component of High Impact Media Campaigns

HME helps you deliver targeted, high impact disease awareness and patient focused campaigns across social media. Data and analytics are always at the heart of HME’s approach and this ensures the brands we work with adapt and evolve whilst staying fully compliant across the different channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.   Whilst there are challenges identified with [...]

Combining Machine Learning and AI with Deep Science

The combining of technical progress with healthcare is an appealing pairing and Google’s DeepMind Health has been at the forefront of bringing together technical coding and research with the hope of supporting resource and rapidity challenges faced by the NHS.  Streams, for example, is a secure mobile app built to help the right clinicians get to the right patients [...]