It is important to measure success beyond profits.

HME are passionate about creating a stimulating and supportive work environment as well as giving back to the wider community and the wider world.

HME’s company culture centres on transparency and integrity and this same approach is adopted to Corporate Responsibility.

As an organisation HME embraces a diverse and inclusive workforce and we benefit from the collaboration of broad perspectives this brings to the business and our performance.

HME always strives to proactively protect the environment through recycling and the ever-increasing use of environmentally friendly practices and technologies.

Since HME was founded, Guy Jeynes-Ellis has supported a number of exciting initiatives and charities close to his heart, alongside the rest of the team.

HME Chosen Charities

From endurance Go Karting races at Sandown in Surrey, to epic dirt bike challenges across South Africa, Guy and the team have enthusiastically taken on competitive fundraisers to support Touch Africa.

Touch Africa supports education and early childhood development by ‘making school a better place’. Touch Africa establishes crèches, builds and supplies libraries, runs community upliftment programmes and finds suitable ‘twinning’ partners for those schools very much in need. Their work seeks to strengthen communities and uplift the otherwise disadvantaged learner by improving the environment in which they grow up and develop.

By participating in Ride 4 Change bike rides HME has contributed to Touch Africa’s fantastic work in the building of crèches, libraries, sanitation initiatives and feeding schemes in numerous schools, predominantly in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Find out more about Touch Africa and Ride 4 Change:

HME has also chosen to support Pikilily, ‘Africa’s first female led motorcycle social enterprise’. By offering repair services, maintenance training and road safety – including the provision of helmets – to organisations and individuals, Pikilily supports education and healthcare providers so they can continue servicing their communities in Tanzania.

Pikilily’s initiatives with eRanger motorcycle ambulances are crucial in helping to prevent the great number of deaths that occur because of unreliable, unavailable transportation. With typically 24 Tanzanian women dying each day in pregnancy and childbirth and midwives and healthcare providers unable to reach them, Pikilily strives to ensure no woman or any other emergency patient is left alone and let down by emergency transport failures.

Find out more about Pikilily and how to donate:

Over the years, HME has raised an amazing £250,000 and will continue supporting Touch Africa and Pikilily and the vital work they do for children, educators, mothers, emergency patients and healthcare providers across Africa.