One of HME’s clients recently doubled usage levels via their bespoke Trustrack app at ERS 2018 in Paris. Brilliantly, over 700 documents were distributed via 3x iPads positioned on their Medical booth. There was a good variety of content in both French and English language made accessible to Delegates such as posters, SmPCs, medical information enquiry forms and clinical publications – including an embargoed publication released mid-event for instant access to those interested in receiving their own copy. Badge scanning was also incorporated to help Delegates extract content and submit queries with greater efficiency. 

HCPs are able to find great value in attending meetings, whether they are national or Global events, as when done successfully they provide:

  • Exposure to rich accessible content, 
  • Innovative educational experiences to further a Delegate’s professional development and 
  • Opportunities for networking with colleagues, specialists and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).  

A Global study ‘The Science of HCP Meetings (2018)’ created in collaboration with the Ashfield Insight’s market research team and which also acts as a follow up in validation of Ashfield’s ‘2016 Future of Meetings’ White Paper found ‘[p]hysicians are stating that meetings offer the optimum form of medical education, ranking it the preferred channel in 2018. However medical meetings rank second as the most commonly used channel’. Therefore whilst medical meetings are undoubtedly deemed valuable – a very positive finding – HCPs may not always attend due to a number factors including difficulty taking time away from their practices, reduced sponsorship opportunities due to companies taking a more cautious approach in light of TOV disclosures, as well as other possible regulatory challenges. Therefore in order to account for a HCP’s need to be selective and to get as much ROI as possible within limited periods of time, it is important for healthcare companies to provide innovative sessions, accessible, compelling content and ample networking opportunities where possible.

Amongst other statistics, the study found:

‘91% [of HCPs asked] said meetings should have high quality scientific content.’

‘57% of HCPs said meetings should provide more on-site data collection for immediate analysis.’

‘88% of HCPs said meetings should provide access to presentations and supporting documentation.’

HME supports clients with Multichannel Content Engagement (MCE) solutions to meet these needs by building bespoke content collections for distribution via a complaint multichannel platform – Trustrack. Below are some suggestions from the HME MCE team on how clients can create compelling booth spaces for Delegate interaction.:

  1. Share your publication plan in advance. That way our team can help you get the local and Global level approval process kick-started as early as possible.
  1. Let us know any restrictions because we will more often than not have compliant solutions to work around them (e.g. restricted access libraries, country specific pop ups, form dependencies, the list goes on!)
  2. Share your booth plan so your multichannel content engagement journey fits in perfectly with the rest of the booth and overarching brand narrative.
  1. Remember to signpost. A lot of queries submitted at events are requests for content and clinical publications that are more often than not already available on the booth, but were not easily located.
  1. Build detailed, educational libraries and personalised collections for Delegates to enhance their medical education journey in an impactful way. A variety of materials such as presentations, KOL videos, posters, clinical publications and interactive documents organised clearly according to specialty will significantly improve the Delegate experience and make a lasting impact thereafter.
  1. If possible, include opportunities for Delegates to; interact with well-prepared booth staff, engage in KOL talks and also ensure the relevant presentations are available instantly via digitised, compliant collections.
  1. When the opportunity arises liaise with us regarding embargoed content. Our MCE project management and reprints teams can ensure content is made available mid event at the exact date and time an embargo is lifted ready for Delegate consumption. Again, signposting for this service is helpful.
  1. Create spaces for communal education opportunities and discussion as well as spaces that are tailored to independent browsing.
  1. Consider Media conference packages with HME and a website to tap in to Healthcare Professional interest by sharing why the event will be worthwhile for them to attend as well as offering a forum for HCPs to contribute to the agenda.
  1. Ensure your multichannel content engagement applications tie in succinctly and intuitively with the rest of the booth in order to build a successful narrative for time-poor Delegates to instantly grasp and engage with. 

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Devneet Toor