At HME we provide a mix of media, ad ops, social media, reprints and content engagement solutions for our clients and what ties all our services together is the drive to help clients share their messages in the best, most meaningful way. The team have benefitted from the company’s rich heritage and more recent investments in all things digital to powerfully combine simplicity with speed; tradition with innovation. 

How a message is delivered adds to its meaning and its narrative. One of the content delivery solutions HME recommends is Trustrack; a compliant distribution platform for the healthcare industry. HME’s multichannel content engagement team has worked with 20+ ‘Big Pharma’ clients to deliver tens of thousands of materials including clinical ePrints, videos and invitations to delegates and healthcare professionals across the globe. 

As an agency, we try to help our clients bring the science and key trial data to the forefront and help them reach their customers in an interesting way that’s both informative and effective whilst scrupulously and skilfully tackling challenges associated with compliance and secure distribution.

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Devneet Toor